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3D Printing

We founded the company on a simple premise: houses are too expensive to build and maintain.  We would bring a 'technology' approach to construction.  We would examine all aspects of building from the foundation up to squeeze out cost and increase productivity.  In construction the biggest cost drivers are time, risk, labor and waste.  Robotics are an answer to this problem and produce good quality homes at a lower cost of production.  Their day will come, but there is still much work to do.

Fab & Fill: Concrete

We were presented with a problem of rebuilding an island in Caribbean following the devastation from a monster hurricane. Extending our research from finishing 3D printing, we developed a paneling system which produces a monolithic structure hearty enough to withstand the nastiest of storms.  In addition to the 'hardware' we developed the material and the systems to build extremely fast.  Imminating from our desire to make the homes affordable, we reduced the labor needed to build a home, reduced the time to complete the home and increased the number of homes that could be built in a day.  

Fab & Fill: Rammed Earth

Continuing our development with our Fab & Fill processes, we were again engaged to solve the problem of building fast with indigenous materials.  Our client had a building opportunity in South America where an existing housing gap existed and was anticipated to grow. We developed a material used from ancient times and designed the most efficient mobile factory.  Using simple (& sustainable) materials: clay, sand, etc, we developed a process and a system to build as many as 10 houses per day.  The houses are beautiful to look at, comfortable to live in and offer the developer a very healthy return on their investment.   

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