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DESIGN PHASE: As we began the planning and design process with the vineyard owners, we first wanted to make sure we completely understood their goals, desires, and needs for the building.  Through the process we listened, asked questions, gained valuable insight, and worked through a design that would meet all their goals.  The result was a series of drawings that were ultimately agreed upon.  We designed the building from below the ground to the peak of the roof.  The pictures above are of the entire design, including the foundation, which had to support the thick 11" concrete walls, and the custom trusses that were to be the centerpiece of the open layout.  


BUILD PHASE: Once the Design Phase had been completed, we moved to building the winery.  The series of pictures above depict the progression of the build.  First, the foundation was installed complete with piers and beams to support the weight of the building and shifting soil common in the area.   Next, we show the caging and rebar needed to reinforce the 11" concrete walls.  The wall form system, along with any window and door bucks, were put into place and concrete was poured into it.  Once cured to a sufficient state, the wall forms were removed and the roof structure was installed - see the trusses being placed.  Finally, the roof panels were installed on the trusses to have the bulk of a 'dried in' structure completed.  The final steps are to finish the inside and install the pergola.   

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